Hans Eichinger is an exceptional young artist with a love of birds a.
          Hans J. Eichinger is a fourteen year old artist residing in Eugene, Oregon. Hans has combined his two great loves, drawing and birding, into an incredible talent, far beyond his years.
          This web site offers you the opportunity to view Hans' work in the drawing directory, learn a little about the birds Hans so deeply cares for (see Hans' Raptor Reports updated in Hans' available time), and purchase greeting cards of Hans' art to benifit his future art education.   Hans passes on a portion of the proceeds to the Cascades Raptor Care Center in Eugene, Oregon.
          A reminder that all art work on this site is copyrighted by the artist, and are protected by
Digimarc TM.
          This site is best viewed at 800 x 600 resolution.    (640 x 400 versions of drawing details will be made available once the basic site is completed).
          Please set a bookmark for this page as the site is evolving and Hans will be adding new pictures as he completes them.   Please let Hans know how you like the site in the guest book.
          Thank you for visiting!

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